Fulfilling Prophecy In Community

Recently at In The Light Camden/Chester, we had Prophet Rob Sanchez minister to the body of Christ in a mighty way. I praise God for the power of His prophets still being active today to bring strength of heart, depth of faith, and increase in hunger. Being familiar with the aftermath of holy moments like this, I’ve learned that we have to move from prophetic excitement to prophetic fulfillment. If we never move on the word we were given, we’ll never see it come to pass. So my desire is to share some “HOW TO’S” in obeying God to fulfill His prophecies over us within a community.

Question 1: What’s prophecy?

Prophecy is foretelling or predicting the purposes of God by the Holy Spirit. 2 Peter 1:21 sheds some light on the prophetic that removes the fear of the human element being involved in something so divine. Words of prophecy don’t come from any human ability, but they come from the mighty moving of the Holy Spirit on/in/through us. Two scriptures I believe every student of the word should meditate on are: 1 Thessalonians 5:20 & Zechariah 4:10. No matter how small we think a prophetic word is, do not despise it! God never gives us a SMALL WORD, He always gives us a SEED WORD. As you know, a SEED must be nurtured in order for it to grow. It’s the same for the prophetic!

Question 2: What are your prophecies?

*Take time to ask Holy Spirit to remind you of the prophecies over your life. Write them down. If you’ve never received a prophecy, ask God to speak to you now. Write down what you hear, feel, or see Him saying to you. The Father speaks many ways, but mostly the way you can understand. Trust it’s Him!

In the book of 1 Corinthians in chapters 12 and 13, we’re reminded of the importance of the gifts of the Spirit and the body of Christ. I believe no one’s prophecy can be fulfilled alone. Every part of prophecy and every part of the body is important. None can say to the others, I’m more valuable than you. Our true value comes with being connected to others of great value. And God has shown us our value through giving us words of prophecy to fulfill together.

Question 3: What do you do when you receive a prophecy from God Himself or from God through someone else?

First, we all need to receive what resonates. The word resonate means to produce or be filled with a deep and full sound, evoke images, memories, emotions, or meet with someone’s agreement. So when you hear a prophetic word that stirs up possibilities that fulfill a deep sense of purpose inside that is bigger than you, AGREE WITH IT! If it doesn’t resonate, you have the right to reject what’s being said. I’m not a fan of eating fish, so if someone offers it, I can easily say no thank you. You can politely say no to words that seem fishy! Lastly, we have to respond to what resonates.

Question 4: How do I respond?

  • Thank God for the prophetic word He gave you

  • Write it down

  • Declare it out loud

  • Meditate on it

  • Pray over it

  • Recognize who God has already put around you and connect with like hearted people to fulfill the prophecy

  • Act on the prophecy step by step (Don’t leap, when you’re meant to learn)

Throughout the years, I’ve realized that those who talk about their prophetic words, walk out their prophetic words. Not so much like Joseph, who told his jealous brothers his prophecy and got sold out. It’s more like Mary and Elizabeth. Mary spoke and what Elizabeth carried leapt within her. Get around the people who can leap for and prophesy over what you carry. It makes the prophetic journey a joyful one!

Prophecy is a sign of favor! And God’s favor on you attracts whatever is needed to fulfill the prophecy about you. You can read throughout scripture how when God spoke a prophetic word over someone’s life, favor followed to fulfill it. The favor of the Lord is so powerful! It can protect, but it can also propel. Learn to celebrate the favor of God on your life and disperse it to those around you.

Question 5: What happens when the enemy of your destiny hears your prophecy?

Receiving a prophetic word and growing in God’s favor doesn’t mean that your life becomes a cake walk. It actually means you’ve been invited into a cross walk! To carry God’s word in your spirit is to carry a target on your back. The liar hates the words of truth spoken about you and will do anything to stop you and those around you from fulfilling those words. He’ll try to send thoughts that mock and despise your ability to succeed. Satan will stir up strife around you and with people you know to distract and divide. All hell will break loose around you, when God puts prophecy in you!

I’d like to encourage and challenge you to use your prophetic words to encourage yourself, connect with others to do something great, and to beat the enemy down. These words are tools and weapons! You can do the impossible and defeat the invisible. Your life is full of promise and the opposition doesn’t mean you’re going in the wrong direction. It just means you’re going on the road that requires God’s strength, your commitment, and selfless soldiers to walk with you.

My prayer is that you would be imparted with fresh faith, fire, and fervency to fulfill your prophecies in your community to the glory of Jesus.

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